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How to shop like a pro this Black Friday

by Aishly Tromp
December 9, 2021
3 min read

Wow, can you believe we are approaching yet another Black Friday season? This is the most anticipated time of the year for many shoppers who are eager to get the best deals on their favorite brands/designers.

The Renaissance Mall will be having its annual Black Friday event of course and I’ll be sharing some professional shopper tips and what you can expect on November 26th.

First things first, let’s talk about the sales.
Some of the designer brands in the mall will be having up to 50% off!
Talk about a good deal.
These amazing deals are to be taken advantage of so here are 3 tips that will help you get ready to shop!

Shopper tip #1: get your information early on
This means that it’s an absolute must that you follow the Renaissance Mall on their social channels such as Facebook and Instagram because psst..I’m going to share a secret, this is where you’ll first hear about the promos and discounts.

Shopper tip # 2: it’s a no brainer, but get there fashionably early

You’ll want to have first grabs of everything and be the first to discover the best promos so it’s best to get there early if you can. The mall opens at 10AM so get there at least half an hour before, grab a latte at Starbucks and browse around the mall to see which store(s) you want to visit first -and in which order.

Have a plan of action!

Shopper tip #3: avoid the “second round visit” a.k.a shopper’s regret

Black Friday is not the day to “come back later” for that item you have your eye on. If you see something you love, but are not sure and want to come back, it’s highly recommended you don’t pass because chances are that item you love will be long gone and nobody wants to deal with shopper’s regret, especially on Black Friday.

Ok so now that you have your pro tips written down in your notes, it’s time for the other fun stuff, the event itself. There will be a DJ spinning live tunes all day long to get you into that Black Friday shopping mood. Lastly, don’t forget to participate in the Black Friday raffle because with every purchase you make in the mall, you can ask for a copy of your receipt, write down your contact info and deposit this in the giant Black Friday Gift Box located at the center of the Mall ( across of Michael Kors).

Why should you participate, you ask?
Because YOU can be one of the lucky five winners who will get their shopping money back in gift certificates from the mall, so spend to earn because Christmas and New Years Eve are coming up next and a designer head-to-toe look would be a shopper’s new years wish come true.