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3 trending colors to play with in 2022

by Aishly Tromp
January 11, 2022
3 min read

You may or may not know this but every year Pantone chooses their color of the year. For those that are unknown to the fashion forecasting world, Pantone is a service and product based company that the entire fashion industry relies on for color predictions and trends.

In light of the “new year, fresh start” vibe we all commonly share at the beginning of each year, we share 3 trending colors out of Pantone’s long list of color references that you may want to try and play with in 2022. 

#1: Bold purple

Yes, you guessed it, we start off with Pantone’s color of 2022: Very Peri, which is basically a combination of periwinkle blue with an electrifying violet undertone. This bold purple is a versatile color and can work year round during all seasons which is why it’s at the top of our list. It also pairs well with the other colors in our list (read more below).

#2: Tan
Tan can be described as a rich caramel brown hue. For the neutral lovers reading this blog post, this will definitely be a favorite for you, especially when it comes to your wardrobe and accessories. Nothing screams more high end than a tan colored dress, hat, or shoes. Tan can be worn with other neutrals for a more toned-down look or you can combine with a bright hue to balance out your color palette. Fact is: you will never go wrong when wearing tan. 

#3 Butter Yellow

This color is for the fashion risk-takers! Think of buttered popcorn when you hear the name butter yellow. Now, it’s not as bold as you might expect but it’s still a daring color to explore with. Butter yellow is a mix between soft and mellow yellow and can easily brighten up your mood and wardrobe. So on those days that you are feeling blue, add a little bit of butter yellow to your look. Not ready to commit to a whole look? Tip: start small with some key accessories such as: a wallet, a small crossbody bag or a belt. 


So will you be exploring with any of these colors this year? We definitely encourage you to do so! Fashion is all about experimenting and having fun and Renaissance Mall can be your playground.